What is JIo Giga TV? | How to use it and thier Benefits

What is JIo Giga TV? | How to use it and thier Benefits

Hello friends, today we will know what is Jio Giga tv And how it will be used and how you can order it and what its benefits are.
Friends, who do not like watching TV. We use a cable connection at home to watch TV or use a company’s DTH service. We are charged monthly for this.
But friends, we need a big cable or DTH antenna to use it. But Jio Giga does not have such a TV at all. Because it works on new technology. So let’s know about Jio Gigaa tv.


What is JIo Giga TV?

What is JIo Giga TV? | How to use it and thier Benefits

jio giga tv is a kind of set top box. With the help of which you can easily watch TV without any DTH or cable conection.
Yes, guys, it will run without any cable connection. The company says that the content of the TV will show you this high speed internet.

How to use JIo Giga TV

To use jio giga tv, you must have internet.jio company, gigafiber with jio giga tv in March 2019 also will luanch. The jio giga TV set by the jio gigafiber will be connected to the internet. The set top box will be connected to the high speed intenet. And the TV will be easily seen on this.

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how to order Jio Giga TV

Friends, you must have understood by now that it will run through the Internet, that means it is necessary to use Jio gigafiber to use it.
You can register to take this by going to the site of Jio or Jio app. jio says that the city where more registration is done, the service will be started first.

Benefits of Jio Giga TV 

1. With the help of this, you can easily watch TV without any cable connetion.
2. Through this,s you can easily do video and audio call on any other TV or moble.
3. With this jio giga tv, you can enjoy all the jio apps on your TV.
4. You do not have to pay any money to use it, you just have to put a jio gigafiber and only recharge it.
5. You can also run the internet in Tv easily by jio giga tv set top box.
6. In bad weather, you will not have any connetion problems in watching TV. Because it will run through the internet.
7. With this set top box you can save your favorite programs by recording them and see it later.

The company says it will remain free for the first 90 days.

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It is clear that jio gigafiber must be used to use Jio giga tv. For this, you have to spend 4500 rupees which will be refundable according to the company. Then by connecting both, you can enjoy the service of Jio Giga TV.
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