How To Fix Messenger Nickname Bug (Problem Solve)

Hello friends, in this article, we will give you how to fix messenger nickname bug About to tell. If you also use the Messenger application and you also face many types of bugs, then you must read this article in its entirety.

When Android developers develop their application, there are many flaws in it, due to which the application does not work correctly, which is where the bug goes in easy language.

There are many bugs on Facebook’s Messenger application, which spoil the user experience to a great extent. If you are also facing bugs on your Facebook Messenger application, then follow the instructions given below.

How to fix messenger nickname bug  

If you cannot change the nickname on your Messenger application, you can follow the following steps.

How To Fix Messenger Nickname Bug 
  • Then go to your mobile settings later.
  • Then scroll down and click Apps.
How To Fix Messenger Nickname Bug 
  • Then click on Manage Apps.
How To Fix Messenger Nickname Bug 
  • Then find the messenger application and clear all its data.
How To Fix Messenger Nickname Bug 
  • Now switch off your smartphone and turn it on again.
  • Then go to the Messenger app and log in.
  • Then open your friend’s conversation.
  • Click on the three dots as per the picture.
How To Fix Messenger Nickname Bug 
  • Then click on the nickname and update the name and set it.
How To Fix Messenger Nickname Bug 

By the way, your mobile setting may be slightly different, but the process is the same; you have to clear the data of your messenger application.

Through this process, you can solve your messenger nickname problem. If you cannot do this process or do not have much knowledge about it, then we give you an easy way, which you can use.

  • You uninstall/delete the Messenger app on your smartphone.
  • Then switch off your mobile and turn it on.
  • Then download and install the Messenger application back from the Play Store.
  • Then log in to your account and try to change the nickname.

I am sure that your problem will be solved by the methods mentioned above. If still, you are facing any bugs, then go to your profile and scroll down to report the technical problem about the bugs in detail. Messenger’s support team will contact you soon and troubleshoot your issue.

For more information watch this video –

FAQs: How to fix messenger nickname bug

How do I fix my nickname on Messenger?

After completing the above article, you will get the answer, so read carefully.

Why are nicknames gone from Messenger?

Facebook has taken this step due to new data usage rules in European Union (EU) countries, fully covered under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive (ePrivacy Directive). But you can enjoy calling and text messaging just like before.

How do you put a nickname on Messenger in 2022?

Go to the Messenger application and tap on the profile icon, then tap on Nicknames, where you can set a nickname.

How do you change nicknames on Messenger on iPhone?

You can set a nickname by going to the Messenger application and taping it on the profile icon, then selecting a nickname.

How do I delete my nickname on Facebook?

Go to Facebook’s Settings, open About info, and select another name. edit or delete your nickname now.


We hope that you will like all the information mentioned above. If yes, then share it with all your messenger users so that they, too, can get rid of such bugs.

If you have any questions about how to fix the messenger nickname bug, you can tell us the comment below. If you know of any new way to fix this bug, then share it with us.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful guide on fixing the Messenger nickname bug! I’ve been experiencing this issue for a while now and it’s great to have a solution. I’ll definitely give it a try and see if it works for me. Thanks again!

  2. Great post! I’m experiencing the same issue with my Messenger nickname and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one. I’ve tried the steps you mentioned and I’m hopeful that it will fix the problem. Thanks for sharing this helpful guide!

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