How To Make Volume Louder on iPhone 2023(Increase Volume)

Are you also troubled by the low volume of your iPhone and are searching on the internet about how to make volume louder on your iPhone? Then stay until the end of this article because we will tell you the best way to increase the volume.

The iPhone comes with its iOS operating system, which is much more secure and faster. Along with this, we get to see many different types of exciting features, which make our daily life much easier.

But if you are also very fond of listening to Music like me and whenever you play your Music, you face the problem of low volume; then there is no need to worry because I will tell you below that How did you deal with this problem?

Friends, many third-party applications are recommended to increase the volume in many artworks and videos. Many applications do not work correctly, or they pose a threat to your security.

In this method, we will tell you that you do not need to download any application; you can increase the volume by making a slight change in the settings of your iPhone, which is a safe way.

How to make volume louder on iPhone

Very high-quality speakers are used while making the iPhone, which gives you a sweet sound. But you can increase it a little by changing some of its settings, so let’s know how you can improve it.

  • First of all, go to your phone’s settings.
  • Then after that, tap on Music.

how to make volume louder on iphone

  • Then in the Playback section, open EQ.

how to make volume louder on iphone

  • Then select “Late Night” equalization.

how to make volume louder on iphone

(Note: Before doing this setting, make sure to set the sound limit to 100%.)

When you select Late Night equalization, you get a much louder sound than before, enhancing your listening experience to a great extent. If you are unhappy with this equalization, you can choose any equalization, checking all others.

We want to tell you that this is a straightforward method, and it does not cause any harm to your phone in any way. Also, if you’re going to turn it off again, you can turn it off very quickly. If you understand it very well, then you can watch the video below.


If you are one of those people whose data security is the priority and do not want to download any third-party application, then this method can prove to be a boon for you, which you can easily follow in few steps. You can do it by following.

So we hope you find the how to make volume louder on iPhone information very helpful. If yes, then share it with all your friends who love listening to music.

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