How To Update HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV 2023

Are you searching online How to update HBO max on Samsung smart tv? If yes, then read this article until the end because in this article we will talk to you in detail on this topic and we will provide you with a permanent solution.

HBO max is a very popular American subscription best streaming service, with the help of which you can enjoy TV series, blockbuster movies, exclusive Max Originals web series, etc. For this, you have to pay approximately $15 every month.

If you also use HBO max in your Samsung Smart TV and want to keep it updated continuously over time, then you stay with this article.

How to update HBO max on Samsung smart tv   

If you can’t get the latest version update for HBO max on your Samsung Smart TV, you can fix it in the following way –

  • First of all, press the Home or Menu button of the Smart TV remote and open Smart Hub.

how to update hbo max on samsung smart tv

  • Then open the Apps tab at the bottom.

how to update hbo max on samsung smart tv

  • Then click on the setting icon present in the top right side inside Apps.

how to update hbo max on samsung smart tv

  • Then navigate to HBO max as in the picture and turn on Update.

how to update hbo max on samsung smart tv

This is how you can update your HBO max on Samsung Smart TV. As soon as the latest version of HBO max is available, it will update automatically. By the way, keep in mind that the default auto-update of your Samsung Smart TV is enabled.

If you want to enable auto-update on Samsung Smart TV, navigate to Samsung Smart Hub > Apps > Settings, then go to Auto-update and then enable it.

Can’t update the HBO Max app on Samsung TV?

If you’re still unable to update your HBO Max app after following the steps mentioned above, there’s no need to panic. Instead, we will tell you some more tips ahead, with the help of fixing this problem of yours.

Restart your Samsung TV

We have to face many problems with many electronic devices used in everyday life, but some problems can be easily corrected through a restart. For example, if you cannot update your HBO Max app, we recommend that you restart your Samsung Smart TV once.

If you also do not know how to start, you can see it by clicking on this link

Delete the HBO Max app and reinstall it

Well, we can say with certainty that you must have got the solution to your problem. However, if you’re one of those people whose problem is still not resolved, you can delete your HBO Max app and then reinstall it.

When you delete it, it completely disappears from your smart TV, and then when you reinstall it, it installs with the latest new version, which is a simple process, to update it to the latest version.

Last word

So now we believe that you must have got the solution to your problem. If you still face any other kind of problem, you can tell us in a comment below. We will provide a solution to that problem as well.

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