11 Best Food Delivery App UK 2023 – Cheapest Platforms

Hello friends, in this article today, we will talk about Best Food Delivery App UK. If you too often order food online, this article can be beneficial.

Food delivery apps allow you to order food from your favourite restaurant or hotel near you sitting at home. Not only this, with the help of these applications, you can know the menu or cost of all the restaurants.

If you are thinking of ordering food from outside, then you must use these applications. This app compares the food of your choice with all the restaurants and provides cheap food options.

Below we have mentioned the 11 best food delivery apps in the UK, which are most liked in the United Kingdom. You can go with any of the following.

1. Just Eat

Just Eat is a favourite food delivery app in other countries, including the United Kingdom. It was established in 2008 in the United Kingdom and quickly joined the list of unicorn companies. The company operates on four continents and has over 40,000 restaurants.

It offers the best restaurants to find and order food throughout the United Kingdom. Also, it has been provided with a user-friendly interface. It is one of the best food delivery apps in the United Kingdom, with a secure payment gateway.


2. Deliveroo

best food delivery app uk

Deliveroo is another favourite food delivery app in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2013 by Greg Orlowski and William Shu. It has achieved decent growth since its inception and joined the UK Unicorn. The growth of Deliveroo created thousands of jobs for local people and increased revenue for partner restaurants by over 30%.

It works on advanced machine learning algorithms, which reduce the delivery time by up to 20%. Early receipt of food brings happiness to the customer and more earnings to the courier company. Its interface and navigation have been designed relatively easy.


3. Uber Eats

best food delivery app uk

Uber Eats is one of the largest food delivery apps in the world. It provides its services in cities in 45 countries. It started as a driving service in 2014 and then expanded to the UK in 2016. It offers a great choice of restaurants and cafes and allows the scheduling of orders.

Also, an advanced GPS can be seen in this so that you can track your order at the time of food delivery. Uber Eats is an excellent app for ordering food in the United Kingdom.


4. One Delivery

best food delivery app uk

One Delivery provides services in more than 65 cities in the United Kingdom. Craig Pollock founded one Delivery in March 2013. You can order food from your nearest KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King.

It comes with a straightforward navigation system and interface, using which one can easily find their favourite food and restaurant. This is a great food delivery app for ordering food in the United Kingdom.


5. Foodhub

best food delivery app uk

You will be glad to know that Foodhub is the only fertilizer delivery startup in the UK, which Adi Mula and Mohammed Shakil started. Foodhub partners explicitly with and help local small businesses grow. It does not charge any commission from its partner restaurants so you can get food at a cheap rate.

There are more than 15,000 restaurants associated with this food delivery company. It helps customers find specific cuisines in the UK and deliver them at no extra charge.


6. Scoffable

best food delivery app uk

Scoffable is another excellent food delivery app that works in some parts of the United Kingdom. If you want to use the service offered by Scoffable, it depends on where you live. It mainly serves Scotland and is very popular.

Scoffable has a straightforward interface, which is very easy to use. This is a great option to order food from the nearest restaurant or cafe sitting at home. This will only work if you live in the United Kingdom, other than Scotland.


7. Zomato

best food delivery app uk

Zomato is a big food delivery platform with a vast restaurant partners. Its interface has been made very user-friendly. Plus, it provides an opportunity to see the review before placing an order. It is successfully providing its services in many countries, including the UK.

Zomato is also preferred as a unique discount app in London because it can see a particular Zomato Gold program. Under the Zomato Gold program, many attractive deals and offers are provided to the user.


8. Hungryhouse

best food delivery app uk

Hungryhouse is another excellent food delivery application that allows you to find restaurants in your area and order food online. It is a vast food delivery app with a huge restaurant network of over 10,000. The navigation system of this app has been kept straightforward.

Even if you want to avoid ordering food online, the Hungryhouse app can act as a restaurant finder. It lets you view the list of restaurants in the United Kingdom.


9. SUPPER London

best food delivery app uk

SUPPER London is another great food delivery app. It is linked to a vast array of restaurants and cafes in London. This is an excellent option for ordering food online if you live in London. With this, ordering food has been made much more accessible. GPS is especially seen in this, so you can keep track of your order completely.


10. Domino’s Pizza

best food delivery app uk

Domino’s Pizza There will hardly be anyone worldwide who has not heard its name. This is a very famous and multinational pizza restaurant chain. It has established 9000 sales centres in 60 countries of the world. Pizza has been made for the last several years, and it has mastered it.

It offers you to customize the Pizza as per your wish. This app has been designed with a straightforward interface. But it only provides the facility to order Pizza. If you want to order other food, you can check other applications.


11. Quiqup

best food delivery app uk

Quiqup has grown from a startup to a great food delivery system. It is continuously making significant investments in its technological development and offering good service to its users. You can opt for on-demand or same-day Delivery and be sure that your Delivery will be at your doorstep when you choose.

It offers a lot of restaurants and food through its app. Quiqup is expanding outside its own country to other countries as well. This is a good option for ordering food in the United Kingdom.


FAQs: Beat food delivery app UK

Which UK food delivery service is best?

There are many great food delivery service providers available in the United Kingdom. We have told you in the above article. But the service of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats has been more liked by most users.

Which food app has the cheapest Delivery?

Most special offers are available on Zomato and Foodhub to get cheap food. You could go with Deliveroo for the most affordable Delivery or good food.

Is it worth it to do Uber Eats?

Yes, of course, there is a great food delivery platform in the United Kingdom with its vast restaurant chain. Not only this, it is known all over the world for its excellent service.

Is Deliveroo or Uber Eats cheaper?

Deliveroo is significantly cheaper than Uber Eats, in particular. Deliveroo Advance uses machine learning algorithms that reduce delivery costs by up to 20%.


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