Jio port – How To Port Your Airtel, Idea And Vodaphone Into Jio

Hello friends, Today we will know how to port your Airtel, idea, and Vodaphone into Jio. Friends, some time ago, Airtel, Idea and Vodaphone companies closed their free incoming calls. And now, it has started charging more money for incoming calls. In this way, many people are troubled by this move of companies and they want to port their number soon in Jio.
So let’s know the friends how to port their Airtel, idea and Vodaphone number into Jio.

Jio MNP (Mobile number portability) –

Friends, if you are not happy with your telecom service provider, you have given TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) a very powerful weapon. With the help of which you can go to any new Telecom Service Provider without changing your number.
The process of switching your number to another operator is called MNP or Mobile Number Portability. This whole process takes seven days.

Before you port in JIO, keep in mind that you must have these things.

1. 4G Mobile Phone Required

If you want to be MNP i.e. port in Reliance Jio, then you must have a 4G phone.

2. Old Current Number:

You must have your old number in the current condition.

3. Valid Id Document:

You need to have your name ID, which makes it easy to be sim activate. If you have a base card then your work can be done a little bit quicker.

4. Fresh Photographs:

You must have 2 fresh photos right now.


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Port your Airtel, idea and Vodaphone number in Jio full process –

1.SMS to Trai

First of all, you have to send a message to Trai.
After typing PORT in your message box and typing your mobile number after a little space.
Send this SMS to 1900. As shown in the picture below.

Jio port - How To Port Your Airtel, Idea And Vodaphone Into Jio


2. The response will come from Trai

Response from TRAI will arrive in 2-10 minutes. It depends on the server of the Trai. If the Trai has less request. It will come immediately or else it will take a little time.



The response that comes from Trai will come. There will be UPC (UNIQUE PORTING CODE) and expiry date. Do not keep it and share it with anyone.

Jio port - How To Port Your Airtel, Idea And Vodaphone Into Jio

The UPC is valid for only 15 days and may not need to delete any single message coming from 1901 and may need it further.


4. Near store

You can go to your nearest Jio store or Reliance digital with your porting code and say that you have to port in Jio. They will take your porting code and an ID proof or Adhaar card and complete the other procedures by doing KYC. This process takes seven days to complete.
Take the ID proof or Adhaar card with you.

Friends, you might be thinking that if I give my porting code in Jio, my old number will be immediately closed.
Do not worry, guys. Your old number will continue until your number changes completely in Jio.

Advantages of Porting in Jio

  1. No roaming
  2.  Access to Jio apps
  3.  4G Volte network
  4. Jio video calls
  5. Instant customer service
  6. Cupon of 50 on every recharge done by yourself. And many more


Friends, if you have a 4g phone And you have a nice network of Jio here. So you can port your number in Jio.
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